Appearance: Toronto ComicCon 17th to the 19th, tabel P08A!

Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 11:15 pm


Hey Toronto folks, come downtown this weekend! I’m a guest at the ‘spring’ (lol!) FanExpo run show [site] again, thanks to Kevin Boyd and co!

Come find me at P08A in artist alley and get my books!

The latest Revolver Vol.4, Vol.3, and Dream Life, some Therefore, Repent!, Prints and such for sale! Commissions too! If you have requests, let me know! I have old issues of comics I did, and would love to get some stuff done in advance. Working on one already.

I’m behind on a lot of things, as always it seems. Latest interruption to the normal day to day was having multiple web sites crash.

My home domain’s database crashed, and it was long overdue for an overhaul, so I spent the better part of last week getting a new one built in it’s place. I still have a lot of stuff to add back to it but all the key bits are in place and I decided to get rid of that site’s blog enterily. And I switched to WooCommerce for my art store there at the recommendation of one of my patrons, i’m really liking it now that i’ve got the hang of it, will probably do the same here soon.

Another had less dramatic problems and was relatively easy to fix but it’s kept me from getting much drawing done. Seems like this is a running theme, need to find more time to draw. Have all the rest take less somehow.

There’s been some growth on patreon, that still holds hope for me. If you’re interested go check it out now, you can read my comics digitally for as little as a $2 pledge! And then come find me at the show in Toronto if you’re in town!

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