The Spilt Ink Podcast 012: There are no Imposters – the myth of “talent”

Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Hey there, Bla bla here was inspired by an article I had my computer read to me while I packed backers books. I talk for a bit about why I don’t personally experience Imposter’s Syndrome, and how the notion of Talent is indeed at times very toxic I think.

Check out The Toxicity Of Talent (Or: Did You Roll A Natural 20 At Birth?) by Chuck Wendig, which gets the credit for inspiring my own rant.

Podcast art is a portrait of one of my bakers, Troy Carlson. And on youtube I post a version of this episode with the recoding of my drawing it!

And the music was all from ‘Dream The Dark Dream’ by Sadoceanspacebear. Go get it on Bandcamp, share it, and support artists directly!

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Some of the other videos I’ve posted on youtube since the last update.

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