The Spilt Ink Podcast 010: Radio Ga Ga

Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2015 at 1:57 am

CH0testpatternIn the 90s I had a weekly radio show. Even before I was into audio, making mixtapes & recording things. This episode of the podcast I visit some of that history & share my love of sound with you.

You’ll hear comedy by Fast & Dirty, a variety of people who appeared with Scott Bell when he was with the radio show.

There’s also old answering machine messages here, and crazy sound collages from late night TV and radio oddities snached from the wayves. Some of the sounds in my sample collages came from Weird TV, a strange show out of california, you can get their DVDs here. And I was very influenced by The Hour of Slack in what I was trying to do for Channel Zero. But also Brent Bambury’s run on Brave New Waves too.

At the end  of this episode, I leave off with some of our unfinished rendition of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s ‘Signal To Noise‘. Scott and I even got the rights and everything to do it at the time, and were really excited about it at first. But for reasons i’ve forgotten it only was half recorded and left incomplete. Some of it needs a lot of work but I liked this one bit and put it in with just a smidge of editing.

And last the episode closes out with ‘I invented someone’ by Spearmint. Which ties in with my webcomic post this week.

it’s a slightly long one, just under 30min. Let me know what you think!

The Spilt Ink Podcast 010: Radio Ga Ga by Sequential Radio on Mixcloud

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Bonus: I have an archive of old audio work and a few episodes of the podcast version of Channel Zero, posted here.

SP-WIS-pg1Read this week’s webcomic post, “We Invented Someone

And here’s the last week’s crop of YouTube posts. It was a busy one! There’s a new Sketchbook tour, some high speed video of me working on a portrait of a patron, super time lapse work on two+ pages of Dracula Son of the Dragon, and a short teaser for it I did a while back but only just posted.

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