The Dream Life Book Trailer and Sound Track

Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 6:24 pm

The song is called “Country Road Late at Night”. From an unreleased album by SadOceanSpaceBear. Singer and songwriter Michelle Breslin is an old friend of mine, and gave me a demo copy of their last ‘lost’ album ‘Dream the Dark Dream’ just before the band split up. I’ve used for a soundtracks for my book trailers. “Dogs” was matched with Therefore Repent!, and I used “Bones” for Dracula Son of the Dragon. Previously unavailable anywhere Kickstarter backers got a special mp3 edition of the album with digital copies of Dream Life. It’s now available on bandcamp here! I encourage you to play it all while reading the book! Here’s a sampler mix.

And ”Country Road Late at Night” kicks off this playlist I made on Everyone’s Mixtape, to serve as soundtrack to the book.

[mp_list_products tag=”dream-life-book-one”]

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