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Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 at 11:29 am

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I moved my comics news blog Sequential to a new server, amd launched it’s new URL,!

Back on old Brimstone, as you see here I got my publishing imprint Spilt Ink’s home site up and running after years of just having a placeholder! Gah, been anxious to get it done. Modified a theme from the amazing graphpaperpress library. They do really great work, that i’ve used to build up many of my sites from.

I Intend to use the blog to post on my own books and projects, as publishing realted stuff. The rest of the site is focused on the Spilt Ink line, Dream Life and Revolver’s One through Three. And the free Sequential Pulp Magazines. I’m also planing on making the old MMCJam zines available as well.

I invite you to subscribe via the form on the right! And share news and content you feel is interesting? Help spread the word and awareness about Spilt Ink, my books Dream Life and Revolver, and our other endeavors too! & the MMCJ archive!

I would like to especially call on the aid of my crowdfunding backers? Thoses of you who’ve gotten your copies, I’d love to collect your reactions to Dream Life, to post on the site here. Even if they are relatively short I’d appreciate it! Or hey, make a video, a short instagram clip or youtube review of the book? That would be awesome. You’re enthusiasm is probably the greatest asset I have as an independent publisher and creator.

Also a great way to help is to tell your favorite comic book shop, or book retailer about my books too! I can supply books to most places on the globe! A page for retailers and librarians is coming later this week.

Also the book is on AmazonComiXology, & Goodreads. All are of course popularity contests site, that work best when something is highly rated! If you are on any of them Please rate it! It would be a HUGE help.

And lastly, do you do a podcast or write for blogs? Chat me up about appearing on your show or check out the Footnotes section of Spilt Ink, and then write me some interesting questions? Some past interviews and reviews for my books can be found here on the press page.

10313602_10152363180275867_9034806373956045363_n (1)UPDATE: The latest big development after a the summer launch of Dream Life and tour, which went well, is I started working on Dracula again, and planning for Revolver Four!

And in the last few days launched a Patreon campaign as an alternative to a traditional subscription system. Possibly a game changer in terms of making this self publishing project fly!

Check out the Patreon page and consider becoming a patron of the arts!


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