Download Revolver Quarterly Vol.1

By Salgood Sam.
With John O’Brien, A.J. Duric, & The MMCJ.

The first, critically acclaimed issue
of my Revolver series.
Remastered and re-published
in full colour.

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52 pages, 8″ x 10″, at 150 dpi, 8″ x 10″.
PDF & CBR copies bundled in a 60.6 mb zip file.
No DRM. Please share responsibly.
Revolver is also on ComiXology, and Gumroad.

A collection of 7 short stories, assorted words & pictures, exploring themes of mortality, belonging, and identity. The original B&W edition of this issue earned me a ‘Best Emerging Talent’ nomination in the 2005  Doug Wright Awards! Get the 2012 remastered color edition for your tablet or device today or order a physical copy via CreateSpace/Amazon here!

” … the layouts in RevolveЯ are consistently thrilling, playing with the frames, the gutter, the entire page. They pull the reader on swoops that S down a page, or simulate the vertigo of a big city by distending the horizon or dangling skyscrapers from above. Here is a pro exalting in his craft.” – Guy Leshinski.

Alan David Doane @

4.5/5 : “RevolveR 1 is a compact package … packed with 52 pages of stories, sketches and a thoughtful text piece that closes out the issue. I was intrigued from the cover alone, a black and gold image of a cityscape that wraps around to the back cover, where someone is seen drowning in the immensity of it all.”

“Douglas’s drawings of buildings are magnificent things, and thankfully much on display throughout the issue, although not to the detriment of the storytelling. The cartoonist clearly has spent a lot of time in a city environment and has been hugely successful in translating what the weight of all that architecture feels like when pressing down on the people below — heavy, imposing, all-dominating and yet strangely liberating in its majesty. The two-page spread that occupies pages 8-9, of a character entering a diner on the first floor of a large building, is the most impressive drawing in the issue, and one of the most well-realized images I’ve seen in a comic this year.”

“Throughout this issue, you can feel Max Douglas’s joy in experimenting with line, tone and page design, in a way that is simpatico with other big names of the small press like Tomer Hanuka or Farel Dalrymple. This is the kind of comics I unashamedly love, dense work by a creator following his vision and sharing the journey with his readers. The paper stock, cover design and overall production values show Douglas cares deeply about his work and how it is presented, and it’s work worth caring about. RevolveR 1 is one of the best titles to debut this year, and it could very well change how you think about comics.”

John Martz from his blog

“All the mini stories are told from the perspective of lonely characters reflecting on their place in the world. … Max is clearly someone who is passionate about what he does, and is one of those people who tries to blur the lines between comics and literature … The artwork is wonderful and has a lively loose feel to it that makes it easy to miss how well planned and creative the layout of the panels are. Revolver is a refreshing change of pace from the usual batch of men in tights and frogs with boners.”

frederik, the proprietor of f52, posted as a comment on my blog

“Sure I’ve perused through you’re online sample pages, but there’s nothing like holding a book, especially a self-published book and find yourself completely absorbed in the story of a skilled graphic storyteller. That is Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas, master graphic storyteller. There you have it folks, he has given you a book. Go buy yourself a copy, buy one for a friend and be amazed. Truly one of our greatest talents.”

Sequential tectonic shift: REVOLVER by salgood sam
First impressions by Sherwin Tjia

Salgood’s drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds. Usually the dynamic movement of the images themselves direct your vision, like little signposts that bounce you around the worlds Sam has created. The narratives sometimes unmoor themselves from everyday reality, moving into poetic or existentialist territory, but never loses its grounding in very concrete images. Revolver plays with how we perceive things, and where we anchor ourselves. This is reflected in the way panels bleed into other panels, if there are panels at all. It suggests that sometimes the dream world or the worlds we create in our narratives appear realer than our actual lives, that the membrane between the world we live and the worlds we see ourselves living in is very thin.

Will Eisner, just before he asked me to sign the copy I gave him at a convention in Toronto this summer.

“It’s [creators] like you who’ll keep this business going”

I was hesitant to include that last quote, I don’t know if I’ve really earned that praise yet. But it is something I humbly aspire to live up to. – Max

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