Spilt Ink Update! The 2nd Salon BD MTL was a HIT!

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 2:50 am

Hello internet! I posted after the event on FB But have been negligent in following up elsewhere!

The Salon BD MTL was two weeks ago today, and it went extremely well all in all!


Early crowds! Photo by Salgood Sam


The Salon in lights! Photo by Salgood

Thanks to everyone who came out to it and our sponsors, who all participated in the unique experience of filling a room with doodlers! Our round tablelist had great chats I hope to be able to post the audio of soon. I think they, the featured artists and the crowd had fun doing a bit of Jamming, and quite a few pages were completed!

By the numbers!

* Approximately 130+ attendees,
Guests and Feature artists included,
passed through the Salon doors!

* 55 pages of Comics Jams were started
and completed, another 11 left half done.

* We recorded two hours
of round table talks.


The panel on publishing, taken by Syn Studio staff.

SalonBDMTL2016WBHopefully lots of attendees got to make new comics art acquaintances in the local scene. My hope for the Salon is to be an artist oriented comics event. Festivals and conventions are very market focused, the Jam is about the cartoonists getting our of our studios and into an environment we can share and learn from each other in. When I hosted the Monthly Comic Jams that was often the goal as well, now that I teach I feel like holding the Salon’s periodically is a good fit.

The information sharing aspects of the event could be expanded on a bit I think next year. I didn’t end up doing it but some of the guests and I had talked about giving presentations as well. We might try that.


The panel on memoir and memory, taken by Ange J Murphy


The jam got some tweet love! posted by Ivan Atehortua!

The venue was a great fit, if not always a comfy one. We’ll have to think about that but for now the aesthetic of Theatre Sainte-Catherine Café-Bar is perfect. They were very helpful the night of and were enthusiastic about the night. I think it’s very likely we’ll use the space again, though we did strain the capacity with things getting a bit packed for most of the night! With a bit more forewarning the stage can be set up smaller next time making more room for tables and seats. And we’ll plan for tickets earlier in advance too.

It’s going to take a bit to go through all the material created by the Jam, but these 6 are a few examples of the best! Something I forgot to do was make sure everyone signed their panels! If you recognize your own or a friends work, drop me a line and let me know! I’d be happy to add credits!

The free booklet/program for the night! You can download a printable copy from here!

More news to come but wanted to get caught up on that!

There’s many more photos posted to the old event page here if you’re curious!

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