Planned Projects for Spilt Ink: Revolver, Sequential, & more. Oh my!

Posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 7:27 am

Ok, so to catch up a bit on the back story, I’ve been using the name Spilt Ink since about 2002.

It reflects my eclectic interest, so along with my own comics, I’ll I publish a few sites under the imprint. Sequential is the longest running blog Spilt Ink publishes, going on 12 years now. We’ll get into more about it and the rest in a minute but the flagship publication of Spilt Ink is Revolver Quarterly, a personal comics anthology. At the moment the quarterly aspect of the title is somewhat aspirational, but I hope to get three issues out in 2015 and ultimately think with some stability care of Patreon in time, four issues a year should not be a problem.


Currently each volume of Revolver Quarterly features a selection of pinups and Comix Jam pages, filling out the gaps between long and short comics stories. My aim is to generate about 160 pages of new content a year and publish it in Revolver, before ultimately collecting some of it into stand-alone graphic novels.

I like to give a lot of thought to the curation and overall presentation of the series, coming up with new covers and pin ups, and enjoy the design aspects of it as much as making the comics themselves! Revolver aspires to my highest narrative and aesthetic standards.

The first two volumes collect a wide range of work done between 2001 and 2010. And there are other specials planned that will gather short self-contained stories, and work as stand-alone issues.

From Vol Three onwards, the regular series features primarily all new stories running in a serialized fashion, starting with my memoir A Bastards Tale.  An intimate experimental comic project that will present as a series of short stand alone stories, later be collected as a larger book. This link will take you to the first installment, A Bastards Tale will be free to read online as a web comics here on, and Patreon for its full run.

Contrasting dramatically by genre, is Dracula son of the Dragon, conceived and co-written by Mark Sable. The story of how Vlad the Impaler, became the Dracula of Stoker’s novel!

Dracula son of the Dragon book one, will run for 4 issues. And then be collected first for a limited edition series of books for Kickstarter backers, before final public printings.

My plan is to publish ALL my future books in serial in Revolver as well. Future planned stories include the sequel to my first solo Graphic Novel, Dream Life | a late coming of age.

Concept art from The New Armageddon Blues.Also planned are a Sci-Fi epic called The New Armageddon Blues. An adaptation with permission of Lewis Shiner’s 1990 novel Slam. Not to mention the NEXT 70 page arc of Dracula son of the Dragon! Mark has 4 books in mind in all for that. And I have a few one-off non-sequential specials for short stories planned as well.

Full disclosure: the first 70 page arc of Dracula son of the Dragon is being completed with the aid of kickstarter backers. Read more details about that here on the blog. The gist of it is that at this time I don’t want kickstarter backers for Dracula son of the Dragon to feel at all solicited to join this Patreon drive! At least not for now. 300+ of them are already subscribers of Revolver Quarterly untill Vol#8! Thanks again for your foundational backing at that key stage in the project! If you are enjoying the work I encourage you to jump in after the existing Revolver subscription is completed. In the mean time if you could help spread the word of it that would be sweet, let people know what you think of my comics! Helping to bring more readers to Revolver will indeed help get Dracula done a bit faster just by greasing the wheels of life.

Other Content Planed:

Via Spilt ink as mentioned, I publish a Canadian comics news blog called Sequential, since 2002, with a small mostly volunteer team of co-bloggers. Senior blogger/editor Bryan Munn writes a lot of the posts, but I still post there sometimes myself, maintain the back-end, and edit the odd podcast. It’s a labour of love that could use more attention and resources. I’d like to hire freelancers there and even reward our long time contributors for longer op-ed content and interviews.

A very now and again thing, is an archive site I publish of my father’s–Lionel Douglas–photography and writing from the ’60s and ’70s, called The Italian Machine Project.

Some amazing stuff including photos of famous rockers in their heyday, never before seen in print or online. Literally thousands of negatives are still waiting to be scanned, and eventually I’ll have to invest in a new scanner to be able to digitize the larger format pictures. Currently I’ve been using an ancient Nikon Coolscan IV ED.  That could do with an upgrade, and if manage to reach the upper level goals, I’d be looking to hire in help for that job as well.

Also, I publish a support site for my art class called Dynamic Drawing, that’s free to the public to browse. I’m planning to expand it into the teaching portion of my activities here, and take on a limited number of students via patreon in addition to those I teach at Syn Studio in Montreal. It won’t be the exact same course online though, as I expect to tailor it to the students I get and add comics-related lessons here as well as hold online workshops about other topics like self promotion, crowdfunding, and subjects suggested by patrons!

So that’s the plan and proposed content. I want to leave this open to evolving to the demand I find here, and let patrons take an active role in shaping what this Patreon campaign ends up looking like. Check out the rewards and goals I’ve set so far, and thank you for your support!

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