The Spilt Ink Podcast 003: The Spilt Ink Patreon is LIVE

Posted on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at 10:30 am

Published December 13, 2014

I soft launched the Patreon drive the other day. I thought i’d explain the “big plan” for this episode, and tease a partial answer to one of the questions I was asked on Facebook. Detailed links to things discussed can be found here

The Spilt Ink Podcast 003: The Spilt Ink Patreon is LIVE by Sequential Radio on Mixcloud

Music in opening is a mix up of Nasa Space sounds
over Sadoceanspacebear again.

Mid-break is more from an earlier self titled album, called “Kitchen Song”. Sorry i talk over it, you can get the song without me talking over it here.

The episode ends on the awesome “Keep On Knocking” by Death, from “For the Whole World to See“,

I own none of that, if you dig it go buy their music!

You can sign up to be a patron of Spilt Ink here, I hope you do!

Links to things mentioned!
Spilt Ink sites

That last is of course my personal site, there’s a lot of work up in there. Animation design work is documented in this set of galleries.

I only mention one job on the episode but then thought better of listing it all off. You can find pretty much everything here.

The EN MASSE mural work is documented here

Jed Alexander!

Past two episodes of the podcast are here

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