The Spilt Ink Podcast 013: Random Process-evolution of a theatrical poster!

Posted on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 at 12:26 am

This episode I talk at some length about the process of developing a recent illustration for a Play, ‘random’, by debbie tucker green.

A reading of it is being mounted by a theater production group I work with, Imago, in collaboration with the Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal. Check out the play if you’re in town.


You can see all the drafts of the image I discuss below in this post, and a youtube version will come. Every commision is a little bit different, but I thought this might give a glimpse of how I work.

I don’t typically use photo collage but sometimes for illustrations that need something specific. Ideally with photos I take myself but I use googled reference too. Like in this case a urban landscape that was authentically from London, without being able to visit myself. I sampled some fragments of Emanuel’s Future City for the silhouettes at the bottom of the first draft intending to finalize it by hand, but ended up using the sample created knockouts instead.

Pledge on Patreon here! Music is all from Sadoceanspacebear! opening is from ‘Country Road Late At Night’ off of Dream The Dark Dream. And we go out with ‘Kitchen Song’. Off SadOceanSpaceBear.

Here’s the image gallery.
Images in order of their
mention in the talk.

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