Posted on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Misplaced is based on a dream a.j.duric told me about, in which she imagined going on a journey to find her lost imagination. It was previously published online via the Revolver site, I’m re-releasing it here after a time offline! These four wordless pages were a real labour of love at the time, done during a peek in that friendship. Also I’m posting this because it’s the story our logo comes from too!
It perfectly encapsulates the spirit behind this endeavour. Misplaced appears in print in Revolver One, and represents an experiment in genre i’d like to return to someday. Lots of Sendak and Windsor Mckay inspiration for me here. And the imaginative idea you can loose your imagination. Download the story as a PDF or CBZ file. Or, scroll down!


Read the rest of Revolver One here!, Don’t forget to use Coupon Code “SPILTINK10”  to get 10% off Downloads from my site!

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