It’s still good old Comics to me.

Posted on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at 2:01 pm

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The Term ‘Graphic Novel’ Has Had A Good Run. We Don’t Need It Anymore” – Glen Weldon NPR

So, this trivia has come up again. Ok Glen. A distraction then from the encroaching train wreck?

I have to suppress a giggle when I get asked about this as a “cartoonist/illustrator, what are you?”.

Sigh, whatever. What are they to you? Manga? BD? Albums?
For english, I’ve always liked the idea of Comics Novel for a fictional piece over 200 pages, Comics Novella for under and over 60 or so pages.

Comics “whatever the genre” or genre + Comics for the rest.

Yes, i know it’s plausible some might be inventive enough to mistake ‘Comic’ for Funny for ‘Comics’ for a Medium. But, really? Can we talk about the flaw with catering to the lowest common denominators?

I never got the anxiety over ‘comics’. I was lucky I suppose to be surround by people who thought they were pretty cool.

And if they didn’t, i guess I just never paid it much mind?
What are they to you? Manga? BD? Albums? Comics? Graphic Novels?

So in a way I agree with Glen. But, I’m not going to go around correcting people like that. Too old for it. Call them what you want, it’s all comics to me.


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