How i got into this mess & decided to make comics for a living!

Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 10:30 am

Published November 7, 2014

The first in a series of short podcasts about making art, comics, and other things, with salgood sam, aka max douglas! Detailed links to stuff talked about here on Patreon

The Spilt Ink Podcast 001: How i got into this mess & decided to make comics for a living! by Sequential Radio on Mixcloud

Music in opening is a mix up of Nasa Space sounds
over Sadoceanspacebear

A bit of Diggin’ On Comix by Dr. John closes out the show.

Some links to things mentioned.
This is a link to my fathers cartoons from school, posted to the archive site I publish of the collection of his photos writings and other ephemera.

Frazetta And The Werewolves

A Christmas card I made close to when i was 12 or so. Me and my mom, and the family we shared our home with depicted on it with a rocket powered sled riding santa.

I review a book of one of my great uncles paintings and political cartoons.

My mothers work!

Early art from high school

First printed work ever was “Captain Censored Vs. Dr. Goingtofar” from True North II

Not mentioned in this episode, but just before working at Marvel, my own indie B&W book was called Nature of the Beast.

My first Vertigo test pages are posted here.

Some art from my second issue of Night Breed. #23.

Nightbreed pages from that first job

Nightbreed pages from the second job

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