Getting things done, talking ’bout it too much, & FanExpo!

Posted on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 at 11:10 am

newtwitterbannerHey yeah, so I’m a guest at Fan Expo this year!
Learned a bit last minute, hence the late announcement. Yep.

You can reserve one of 8 sketches if you like to pick up at the show.
Write me what you’d like and I’ll send you a quote.


A new interview came out today while I was away from my desk teaching!

Hehh, I’m very serious about making this thing work as a business at some point there. Probably something that was on my mind at the time we talked. Well I am shipping books to a new Retailer in BC, so there’s that!

It’s pretty good, though I hate reading these things after the fact often.  love the site’s name, “The Rusty Toque”!

Probably that “hating reading them after the fact” thing, I missed some stuff of course when I had the chance to do my own copy editing. Transcribed and edited from a phone interview I had with Trevor a little while ago, I’m laughing a bit at my apparently saying I only spend like a quarter of the time being creative, and its left at that. Not sure if I said it quite that way or just a byproduct and editing?

In hindsight I’d say I meant that but add that a lot of getting the work done after sparks of insight is crafting what you create.

Refining, editing, and managing. Being creative by many definitions. But more structured and less pleasurable for me. All things you have to do in the day-to-day of publishing though. It’s definitely more WORK, for me. And there there’s things like simply shipping, and posting, and maintaining. Still, I try to have fun.

packagelistOne of the perks of ordering books directly from are the hand decorated package invoices for example? The little touches. Along with packing all the books in taped sealed zip lock bags and secure reinforced hand crafted cardboard packaging. Me and my tape gun are a force to be reckoned with!

Writing as I mentioned in the Rusty Toque, I do enjoy or its simplicity sometimes. But I often sweat over it all a lot too–like for this copy?

You have to adopt a bit of a @#$% it attitude and just hit publish at some point. But NOT until all the red lines are sorted? And it reads well? And still it’s best when you can go away and come back to read later right? Yeah. Crafting. It takes as much being disciplined as it does being “creative”.

Some of it I love. I love when you get things right. –>>bastards11

Last night in a fit of creativity I did the layouts for the next 11 pages of A Bastards Tale. See on the right. I’m working on layouts and inks for Dracula, but it’s looking dubious I’ll have Revolver 4 done by September as hoped. FanExpo won’t help with that either. So a little later than? Get it done, fast if you can but good is better.

Due to being alerted late to the Guest status going through, I don’t have time to restock on Revolver for the show, I’ll only have a few with me to show. But thinking I’ll take orders via square if anyone wants to order a set, have them shipped directly to them. Works if they get all three.

swingdancersclipstudiesCROPEDTHI will be selling Dream Life | a late coming of age though! I’ll probably bring some surplus and see if a few more retailers bite even! Always been hunting for those opportunities. Like a friendly long haired shark. Maybe I’ll cut my hair even.  🙂

Need to consider prints too. I’m running low on many of my best sellers. It would help as always if some of the art I just put up for sale sold! 🙂 Got a lot of visits from Reddit recently for the Saint Sinner pages I just put up for sale, but no bites there.

It was fun getting Sequential Radio set up last night. Didn’t get enough sleep though.

Need to hit the sack for Dynamic Drawing later today. We go to Cats Corner again!

That’s always a fun session for me. Some of the students sweat it a bit. You can tell who’s really sharp with that one.

Ok… need to prep for class and then crash!

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