FanExpo 2014 – where to find me and what i’m bringing.

Posted on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 at 9:35 am


I have a floor plan now! Here’s how to find me @ FanExpo 2014!

newtwitterbannerWhen you enter the main hall of the South building, after going down all those elevators as I recall, the artists are all in the far left side of the room. And I’m in the back row against the far wall, at P6B. It’s behind the artist ally. Just after the Raid Row and around the bend.

I’m bringing prints and original art with me to sell, and some of my books, mostly just Dream Life | a late coming of age. I may have a few Revolver‘s with me but not many. I am going to have an offer to take an order of a bundle of them from me direct if my square works — need to look into that — and i’ll ship them to you no cost!

I’ll be there Friday and Saturday for sure, Sunday if those two go well. Watch my twitter feed for updates!

Cheers! See you there


PS: you can still make sketch request reservations still, I take Paypal!

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