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Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 at 12:45 am

You can read Book One on Tapastic now in full.

Praise For Dream Life
Press and things.

coverdigdummy800Dream Life | a late coming of age

A story about real life.

Five childhood friends grow up to find themselves not where they expected or wanted in one way or another. Life is change, and dealing with that scares us.

Charlie is depressed and dissatisfied. He’s a country boy at heart, but trying to make it in Toronto. Trying to be a “real adult”. It’s not working, and he’s just learned his dog Scrappy is dying.

P.J. is a free spirit. She’s traveled the Americas the last couple of years living by her wits on the road. But late one day on a country road in B.C. she’s forced to reconcile protecting herself with her deepest held ideals, and survive an assault. The shock of it all drives her back home to Ontario.

Lionel and Leslie, siblings, and frenemies. Overachievers on the verge of making a break with their safe parent approved paths.

Lionel is about to choose a long foreshadowed rendezvous with that red-haired girl who got away back home in Belleville, and finally jump the rails on his philosophy degree and grad school.

She just happens to also be Kai, the same red-haired girl his best friend Charlie was obsessed with too, back in high school.

Leslie, a bit older, got her PHD. She now works as a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry. She got lucky and has an amazing office, good patients, a great salary, even a passably good boss. But she’s miserable.

She loves to collect people’s stories and understand them. But not the burden of caring about them too.

And that other thing she’s been doing since university. – Investing in and profiting from her friend Dan’s little drug dealing venture and bike garage. – It’s just gotten real in a whole new way.

“Agent” Dan was a childhood friend of Leslie’s, they stayed tight. When he opened his garage she pitched in some money her dad gave her for University to help him make the down payment. He cut her in as a partner and it’s been good for both of them.

They never really dated, too much alike. But she helped him grow first the motorcycle garage, and then the small but profitable pot dealing business run out of it like a snack bar on the side for his regular patrons. He’s married now, and his first kid is starting to show real smarts. It might be time for him and Leslie to do the same.

At just the right time, Gary Greenberg will pass through their lives. The winds of change ride a vintage 900 Desmo Supersport.

Life is connections and causes
you never see coming.

The story of five friends
confronted with failed dreams
and fantasy lives.

And a Box.

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When I sign Dream Life,
I draw the owner into it!

I have always liked portraiture, even though it’s challenging. I’m a big teacher of practice what you find hard, so I thought I’d create an opportunity for myself to do MORE portraits. So the book plate of Dream Life is designed to be illustrated, if possible and not otherwise requested, the owner to be’s likeness. Here’s a gallery of some of those taken at events.

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