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20110617posteradsSpilt Ink will be celebrating Throwback Thursday #tbt from now on, with regular posts on THE ITALIAN MACHINE PROJECT!

This latest post of photos, taken by Lionel Douglas, are from the historic 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival show held at Varsity Stadium on the University of Toronto campus downtown, before an audience of 20,000+! This was a major event in the city and Rock history. I don’t know if I have shots of that part by infamously it was the first show John Lennon did post the Beatles break up! I think Lionel was working for a local small paper taking pics, and in fact I think I may have spotted him in someone else’s crowd shot! That would have been kind of cool. But it turns out the photos are from the OTHER rock festival held that year at Varsity Stadium on the University of Toronto campus downtown! The Toronto Pop Festival!

There will be some more rolls from this show, but this first of 33 photos, includes some lovely never before seen shots of the epic Chuck Berry! Who was at both events and thus helped confuse me when I was doing the initial search about the images. More to come next week, including some shots of a young Jeanne Beker, go go dancing! 😉



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