19 Nov 16

Lone Wolf and Cub Baby Cart Exploded Diagram!

A while back I did an exploded gun diagram for Dream Life | a late coming of age. By the by did you know I’m republishing it as an all [&hellip

19 Nov 16

It’s still good old Comics to me.

OP ici on Facebook. “The Term ‘Graphic Novel’ Has Had A Good Run. We Don’t Need It Anymore” – Glen Weldon NPR So, this trivia has come up again. Ok Glen. A [&hellip

25 Feb 16

What’s up?!

I’ve totally fallen behind on updating my blogs! Things have become pleasantly busy with drawing, and teaching, keeping me more than occupied. But still, overdue! I submit my messy studio [&hellip

29 Jul 15

On finding meaning in what we do

RE: ‘In the Name of Love’ By Miya Tokumitsu [Illustration is from Pin City in Revolver Vol.1] “Elites embrace the “do what you love” mantra. But it devalues work and hurts [&hellip

14 Apr 15

Dream Life | the book pitch

You can read Book One on Tapastic now in full. Praise For Dream Life Press and things. Dream Life | a late coming of age A story about real life. [&hellip

12 Apr 15

New photos by Lionel: The Baldwin St. Fest ’69

I’ve been getting back a little, to scanning negatives now and then from lionel’s trunk. There’s a set of I think, 8 rolls of B&W film, from a street festival [&hellip

22 Mar 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 013: Random Process-evolution of a theatrical poster!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 8:20 — 11.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS This episode I talk at some length about the process of developing a recent illustration for [&hellip

05 Mar 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 012: There are no Imposters – the myth of “talent”


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:26 — 17.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSHey there, Bla bla here was inspired by an article I had my computer read to me [&hellip

05 Mar 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 011: A Bastards Tale


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 8:59 — 12.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSLittle late updating the site here, I posted this last week. For this episode of the podcast, [&hellip

14 Feb 15

A short wordless autobio romance

This is a really old comic of mine, from the mid 90s, about a short affair I had that ended abruptly in my 20s. As a comic it was an [&hellip

09 Feb 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 010: Radio Ga Ga


Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Android | RSSIn the 90s I had a weekly radio show. Even before I was into audio, making mixtapes & recording things. [&hellip

08 Feb 15

We Invented Someone

Warning! PG level sexual content. Some nudity and intercourse depicted.    Hah, ok, now that we have that dispensed with! I participated in the massive indie comic/music anthology, Comic Book [&hellip

31 Jan 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 009: “Like moving pictures, but not.”


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 11:59 — 16.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS This episode of the podcast I take a question from Andrew J. Hawthorn, who asked about [&hellip

26 Jan 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 008: Getting the work done without getting a complex about it.


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 18:38 — 25.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS In this episode of the podcast I explore my own ideas about getting the work done, [&hellip

12 Jan 15

Special editorial podcast on Charlie Hebdo, censorship, & political cartooning


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:19 — 27.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS This episode went live over a week ago on Mixcloud and Sequential but I forgot to [&hellip

10 Jan 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 006: Dynamic Drawing, “How to let go by being more systematic!”


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:07 — 18.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSIn this edition of the podcast I talk about the core principles and practices that I teach [&hellip

04 Jan 15

The Spilt Ink Podcast 005: Details, texture & simplicity!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 9:41 — 13.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSYou can stream subscribe or download the episode here, or via MixCloud, or on Patreon directly. Or [&hellip

03 Jan 15

The Spilt Ink Patreon Rewards!

Thanks for considering becoming my patron! Here’s the current lineup of rewards for Patronage I’ve set up. You can pledge as little as just $1, if you just want to [&hellip

24 Dec 14

Podcast 004: the animation files & happy new year!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 19:16 — 26.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSHere’s the fourth edition! I wanted to get one more in before the end of the year. [&hellip

16 Dec 14

Introducing, the Spilt Ink Patreon!

Hello friends, it’s been hectic as I’ve been focusing on Dracula and trying to get Revolver Four out asap, and getting the final batch of Dream Life books out the [&hellip

16 Dec 14

Planned Projects for Spilt Ink: Revolver, Sequential, & more. Oh my!

Ok, so to catch up a bit on the back story, I’ve been using the name Spilt Ink since about 2002. It reflects my eclectic interest, so along with my own [&hellip

13 Dec 14

The Spilt Ink Podcast 003: The Spilt Ink Patreon is LIVE


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 21:57 — 30.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSPublished December 13, 2014 I soft launched the Patreon drive the other day. I thought i’d explain the [&hellip

03 Dec 14

Getting into comics for a living! pt2


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:15 — 14.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSPublished December 3, 2014 Some blanks between school and Marvel filled in! Detailed links to things discussed [&hellip

18 Nov 14

Expozine 2014 Report!

  I took few photos and no video this year, but it was a great show at Expozine 2014! There’s some good posts up now you can check out now elsewhere. [&hellip

08 Nov 14

Influences : Kubrick

In my study of visual storytelling, filmmakers cast a huge shadow. I’ve mentioned Krzysztof Kieślowski, Jim Jarmusch, & Martin Scorses. And Tarantino of course. Another for his gorgeous use of the frame [&hellip

08 Nov 14

Funky Sunflower by Cat : Nimbus Nine 384

This is fun. In my comic A Bastards Tale, i mention the family story that my mother was up in bed and working on an album cover illustration in the hospital [&hellip

07 Nov 14

How i got into this mess & decided to make comics for a living!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 18:44 — 25.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSPublished November 7, 2014 The first in a series of short podcasts about making art, comics, and [&hellip

27 Sep 14


This was an early experiment in non-fiction for me. A story written by a.j.duric, around 2002 or so. She showed it to me and I asked to adapt it. It’s [&hellip

16 Sep 14

Where The Wild Things Went

Sendak’s story of Max and the Wild Things has always been a favorite of mine. This short was done shortly after I moved to Montreal in 1997, and has been [&hellip

05 Sep 14

Montreal Comic Con! SEP 12th-14th!

I have a table at the upcoming Montreal Comic Con! &nbsp

26 Aug 14

FanExpo 2014 – where to find me and what i’m bringing.

I have a floor plan now! Here’s how to find me @ FanExpo 2014! When you enter the main hall of the South building, after going down all those elevators [&hellip

23 Aug 14

Pin City: Joseph Cotton arrives.

Pin City is part of a larger project i want to return to one day. A epic Sci-Fi story called The New Armageddon Blues. This first bit ran in Revolver [&hellip

20 Aug 14

Getting things done, talking ’bout it too much, & FanExpo!

Hey yeah, so I’m a guest at Fan Expo this year! Learned a bit last minute, hence the late announcement. Yep. You can reserve one of 8 sketches if you like to [&hellip

19 Aug 14

Sequential Radio!

For a while now on the Sequential blog we’ve had irregular podcast broadcasts We’re planing to put out many more and in the course of looking at new hosting options, I’ve decided [&hellip

14 Aug 14

Broken Pencil reviews Dream Life: A Late Coming of Age

The Summer issue of Broken Pencil includes two pieces relating to Dream Life. There’s a listicle by Alison Lang called “How to Crowdfund a Graphic Novel (without Losing Your Mind and [&hellip

12 Aug 14

Another flip through a Sketchbook with Salgood Sam

The second in this series of clips revisiting my old sketchbooks. Shot as an example of my own use of them and regular drawing practice for my students in Dynamic [&hellip

10 Aug 14

A look at Dracula Son of the Dragon art….

Hey, This is some Dracula stuff the backers got to see a week ago. I’m in the midst of inking between every spare moment right now. Want to get the [&hellip

09 Aug 14


Misplaced : a silent story about your imagination. Based on a dream a.j.duric told me and drawn around

08 Aug 14


Spilt Ink will be celebrating Throwback Thursday #tbt from now on, with regular posts on THE ITALIAN MACHINE PROJECT! This latest post of photos, taken by Lionel Douglas, are from [&hellip

04 Aug 14

Footnotes: Salgood Sam’s Comics Processes

A walk through how I do comics, from script to inks, on A Bastards Tale, & Dream Life. As well as more structured full script work i’m doing with Mark Sable on Dracula Son of the Dragon!

04 Aug 14

A Bastards Tale pt1

A Bastards Tale pt1 – my new free to read comic for the next year!

18 Jul 14

A visit to Salgood’s Studio, and a Dracula Son of the Dragon Update.

Inking on Dracula! : Currently in production at Spilt Ink, for the next issue of Revolver Quarterly!

16 Jul 14

The All New Spilt Ink dot Org!

I had a chance to finally do some over due web work. You may have noticed? I moved my comics news blog Sequential to a new server, amd launched it’s new URL, [&hellip

14 Jul 14

Dream Life influences: The making of

How a ’90s Plunder Zine, led to my Graphic Novel. The Making of Dream Life, a late coming of age

14 Jul 14

The Dream Life Book Trailer and Sound Track

The book trailer for Dream Life, and some news about the release of SadOceanSpaceBear’s album ‘Dream the Dark Dream’!

14 Jul 14

Influences: The Blocky Thing, Picasso & the Minotaur

Charlie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Magnolias, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Black Smokers, the Sun, Madm Fia, Picasso, and the Minotaur!

14 Jul 14

#SummerReading List suggestion…

Buy the book directly from the site store, & pay no shipping! Or use Coupon Code “SPILTINK10” to get 10% off Downloads!

24 Jan 14

The view ahead.

What was up, Jan 2014!

13 Sep 13

Revolver Quarterly Vol.2 now available!

Get it digitally, or in print! Use Coupon Code “SPILTINK10” to get 10% off Downloads!

13 Apr 13

Project updates: Dream Life and Dracula

What was up, April 2013!