New photos by Lionel: The Baldwin St. Fest ’69

Posted on Sunday, April 12th, 2015 at 8:10 pm
The view from my studio window when I lived on Badwin, looking south west, mid winter.

The view from my studio window when I lived on Badwin, looking south west, mid winter.

I’ve been getting back a little, to scanning negatives now and then from lionel’s trunk.
There’s a set of I think, 8 rolls of B&W film, from a street festival held on a street, coincidently I lived on about 21 or 22 years later. I’ve just posted half the rolls here!

Baldwin street village is one of my favorite places/memories. I spent a wonderful 7 years living over the cafe on the corner of Baldwin and Henry, at 26a Baldwin. The building in these photos, and the one I lived in, is gone now. It’s been replaced by a drab clone of more or less the same shape and size. I didn’t have these photos when I lived there. Would have been nice to know about them when the The Baldwin St. Gallery were my neighbors. Probably could have had their help putting Lionel’s work out in the public had I thought of it. But at the time the trunk was being kept safe by a friend of Lionel’s for me, Alex McDonald. But I saw them for the first time when Ron Mann made Dream Tower, and asked to look through his photos for images to use in the film. I didn’t know I was looking at my own apt when I saw these, but It did seem like some amazing history was captured in his collection.

It’s always interesting to look through these photos, be nice if I had more time to do it but my comics don’t draw themselves and the classes I teach these days keep things going but take their own time. I hope the Spilt Ink Patreon can eventually help me pay to hire an assistant to scan, restore, post and archive these photos before they get too damaged. There’s a fair bit of damage on these rolls, though a lot of it I think was by Lionel himself. He wasn’t very careful drying the negatives and I see a lot of streaking that probably came from that, and long mechanical scratches from rough handling. I’m transferring them to new clean sleeves as I scan them, and doing what I can to dust them. The dust is bad in places still, that’s probably age. I’ve found I can repair a lot of it in photoshop, but it’s slow time consuming work so for the next while I won’t be doing that. And in some ways I like the untouched documentary nature of the results. It is what it is.

These are four of the eight rolls of the 1969 Baldwin St. Insanity Festival.

A few noteworthy details. First, the dancing guy in the shot up top and several others, is Julian Ayrs aka Don “The Dancer” Holyoak. He shared with me when I posted an earlier print of him from this roll, his story of the day, including being arrested by some cops. I’ve induce that in the footnotes of the new post. It’s also come to my attention that the author Judith Merril is in many of these too. She’s the lady with the big hat! And, my mothers is some as well. There are some more to scan that I know she features more prominently in, but if you know Arna, you can play where’s waldo with her in these three! Here, here, and here!

There are some gorgeous shots in this set, look forward to posting more soon!

I have to say, this? This is probably my favorite of all the photos.

Dracula Update

Working on it! god it’s late.

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A photo posted by Salgood Sam (@salgoodsam) on

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