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Spilt Ink is the small press imprint of Salgood Sam. Dedicated to publishing comics, web sites, and in the future a variety of other classes of publications. 
Current line includes books, digital editions, Sequential the comics news blog, The Italian Machine Project, and Dynamic Drawing.


Birth of Independence

Back in the early ’00s a Canadian writer, and a cartoonist–both just turned 30–sat in a NY cafe.
Tired from traipsing around Manhattan on a hot summer day.

They talked about self publishing,
putting out books of photography comics and writing.
The name Spilt Ink was chosen.

A short time after I used the moniker as the imprint under which I published some web sites, zines, and then the first B&W edition of Revolver.

CScoverartThe first edition of Revolver One was a small run personal anthology. A collection of short stories, only of which about 200 copies were made. I had long wanted to do that kind of series as a home base for my work. Inspired by those I read of other artists. Rubber Blanket, Palookaville, The Novelty Libraries, Eightball, and many others.

I’d always imagined my own as a quarterly, or something like.  Following a publishing cycle lead by the pace of creation, and not consumption. And presenting only content I would be proud to stand behind.

The first book made a nice splash and I wanted to do more. But making comics = lots of time and money, and attention. Honestly I was still hoping a benevolent Publisher would see it’s potential and pick it up, taking that part of it off my hands. When a string of them said no I lost faith in the venture for a bit and life took me off in other directions.

A few years ago, I was re-evaluating how I was doing things. I was working on my second graphic novel, pondering what to do about the tediousness of doing more than a few dozen pages in one go; And the problem of dropping off the face of the earth while doing the work!  Looking around it seemed technology was possibly going to provide at least one way, making some of the obstacles to self publishing AND distribution more approachable hurdles.

SIlogo.gifSo I set in motion a plan to revive Spilt Ink, Revolver, and try to use a mix of crowdfunding, POD and Digital publishing platforms to get the kind of work I wanted to out.

I’m still open to the help of a publisher partnership of some kind [write me if you have a serious proposal], but I’m not waiting for one.

As a possible reader, if you are interested in helping the best way is to buy my books! In print of for download, and tell all your friends about them when you’ve read them! 🙂 Tag me in posts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, G+, or Facebook. I’m on YouTube as well!

You can also help a lot by rating Spilt Ink books on the following sites to improve their algorithm rankings: Revolver @ Amazon, Goodreads, and ComiXology. And Dream Life @ Amazon, Goodreads, and ComiXology!

Every 4 or 5 star vote they get will help this books pop up more often on the Amazon listings, increasing my chances of sales! Great way to help me sell books just by clicking a few times! Though do say a few words about what you liked too. 🙂

spiltinklineAs of the summer of 2014, I now have a handsome line of four books! Revolver Quarterly vol 1 to 3. And Dream Life | a late coming of age. The first half of something that has turned into a bit of an understated epic. The book has been long in developing.

I began drawing it in 2007, right after publishing Therefore, Repent!, with Jim Monroe.

In the spring of 2014 I held a Kickstarter to finance the printing and launching of Dream Life! It was modestly successful, and I’m currently fulfilling the second half of the backers orders. I went on a short tour, but the longest I’ve ever attempted: 6 cities, 12 events, in 6 weeks! It was kind of nuts, but fun.

At the end of it Dream Life was stocked at 14 stores. And a few weeks later it’s now at 17 and growing. I expect to have it and Revolver available in shops on the west coast and a few other places very soon. You can find a list of retailers who stock Spilt Ink Publications here! There are 26 and counting in all now!

I’m very proud of the line so far. And I plan to add 4 more books by next summer!

Salgood signing books in Kingston Ontario. PS: I’m currently attempting to get the books stocked in more stores and libraries!
If you’re a retailer or librarian looking to procure my publications please free to contact me about starting an account! I am able to offer traditional wholesale discount rates! 50% off cover for US retail, 40% in Canada, and 45% overseas. The books are technically available through Ingrams as well, but only under non-returnable contracts. You’d be much better as would I, if you order directly from me. 

Co Founder
Max – aka Salgood Sam

A list of sites published by Spilt Ink

Dynamic Drawing
Salgood Sam dot com
The Italian Machine Project


My Slow Action Society Membership : I don't promise to make things happen fast. But good, and slowly, I can guarantee!

My Slow Action Society Membership : I don’t promise to make things happen fast. But good, and slowly, I can guarantee!