A short wordless autobio romance

Posted on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 at 5:27 pm

This is a really old comic of mine, from the mid 90s, about a short affair I had that ended abruptly in my 20s. As a comic it was an experiment in something I’d gotten to thinking about from hanging out with Rupert Bottenberg at the Montreal comic jams he hosted regularly.

Silent or wordless comics were a big meme in Montreal. Still are to a great extent. They uniquely resolve the problem of publishing a book that can be sold as is, in more than one linguistic market. Montreal is bilingual in general, but there’s lots of people who can’t, or won’t read in one language or the other. And it’s a strategy that also travels out of province well.

I enjoy using quite a lot. It worked well for Misplaced as well I think, done about 8 years after this story. And Large swaths of Dream Life are silent as well. It’s a challenge, but I also like the impression driven vaguery that it results in sometimes too.


Did you get that she remembered her Ex?
People seem to miss that if anything.
But I was really happy with the
callander walk sequences.
The back story was a bit more, messy.
I’m going to do a comic about that eventually I think.
But at the time this summed up how I felt about things.


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