A Bastards Tale pt1

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 12:34 am

hurt-bastards tale cover art Starting with Vol 3 of Revolver, A Bastards Tale is an ongoing story that I’ll be publishing in the series!

A personal memoir told in short anecdotal, somewhat poetic form. [short-link here]

Something that started as me thinking about doing a book about my father, but evolved into a short story series that really is more my memories than his biography.

I’m going to publish this first part online now, and probably will do so with the rest of these here in the future as a feature of this site.

Also FYI i’m planing to set up a Patreon page for Spilt Ink, and A Bastards Tale will probably be one of the central free offerings there as well.

Downloadable versions of Spilt Ink publications the prime reward for Patronage in addition to original art! I’m approaching it as a sort of subscription service with a sliding scale of workable rewards?

FYI the thumbnail/cover art, is from a pin up based on the same story, and that’s for sale here!

Look for an announcement around September regarding Patreon. Until then, without further delay…

Download the story as a PDF or CBZ file. Or, scroll down!

To hear me read the story, and listen to a few audio cues, use the player here.


You can read a scan of the original Hagiography here, on THE ITALIAN MACHINE PROJECT. An archive for the words & pictures of Lionel Douglas 1944 -1979.

My friend Alan Bunce [funnyforest] asked, “should that be A Bastard’s Tale, with an apostrophe? I hate to comment on spelling, but it’s probably important in a title?”
Max: yes! But was done intentionally here 😉 Reasons will become apparent as the story progresses, shortly even…

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